Vizio D-Series 32 Review

Vizio TVs often had the best in Allshopbiz reviews, but I am not an enormous fan of the company’s SmartCast function, aka “Chromecast built-in.”

Unlike the Vizio E series, the D series does not use SmartCast. Instead, there is a standard on-screen smart TV interface, which you will use to launch and control apps like Netflix. In general, I find that tons more convenient than using your phone, which SmartCast requires.

The best built-in smart TV system is found on Roku TVs, however, and that they provide the D series’ chief competition. Roku’s app coverage is second to none and they are super simple to use.

But what about picture quality? Although I have never tested one yet, I do not expect much difference between most sizes within the Vizio D series and basic Roku TVs from makers like TCL. That’s because most of those Vizios lack local dimming, which has the most important impact on LCD picture quality.

The gaggle of models in Vizio’s budget lineups is often really confusing, and therefore the 2017 D is not any exception. There is a wide selection of screen sizes, many available in both 4K and 1080p resolution, and therefore the biggest sets even have local dimming. And the models above aren’t everything; I saw a couple on that are not listed here.

I decide to review one or two models within the D series soon, which could help hamper the confusion. In the meantime, I’ll default to my takeaway from the 2016 E series review: Not every TV during this series is made equal.



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