Should you buy a TCL TV in 2021? If you’re buying your next television, and you’re trying to settle on between the varied budget TV brands out there, you’ll well have encountered the TCL name – but knowing what to form of it’s another matter entirely. That’s why we’ve brought together everything you would like to understand about the established Chinese electronics brand, including the foremost recent models we’ve tested, new and upcoming models, and what you’ll expect to buy them. By reading TCL 4K Smart TV Review, you can reveal more features that will make hesitation free before paying for this device.


Usually, we’d expect a brand to unveil all its plans for the approaching year at CES 2021 (the biggest tech expo of the year). However, TCL runs on a rather different release schedule than many TV brands, which may mean CES was a touch light on concrete information. You can determine what’s new for TCL in our TCL TV 2021 guide, where we run through the new QLEDs and 8K TVs we saw last year and therefore the ones that are expected over subsequent twelve months, also as what upgrades older favorites just like the 5-Series and 6-Series are becoming to remain up-to-date and competitive with newer models. (Hint: it is a lot of QLED and Mini LED.) While TCL’s biggest audience is unsurprisingly in its homeland of China, it now ships televisions everywhere the planet, with a robust presence within the US, Europe, Australia, and SE Asia.


It’s recently started rolling out the new 6-Series R635 models within the US alongside new 5-Series TVs that, for the primary time ever, use QLED technology. After a hesitant launch within the UK in 2018, too, TCL is expanding its UK range with two new QLEDs (the C71 and C81) and therefore the promise of 8K TVs to return too – which could well make more of an impression than the low-end DP648 and EP658 models we have seen thus far. TCL recently confirmed its range of Roku TVs was coming to Europe and South America, and presumably the United Kingdom too. More details on this may likely come at IFA 2020

Should I buy a TCL TV?

TCL’s main advantage within the TV market is its aggressive pricing. It manufactures televisions at an outsized scale and has passed on tons of these savings to consumers during a bid to convert a worldwide audience. If you’re trying to find an inexpensive television that gives tons for the worth, TCL will often be an honest bet – often for very large-sized televisions too.


If the thought of forking out for a 55-inch or 65-inch television possesses you sweating, know that TCL won’t charge you thru the nose for it – and therefore the TV-maker offers everything from 32-inch TVs to massive 75-inch screens. There is always a price vs. performance question to think about, as cheaper televisions almost inevitably mean a drop by quality from their more premium counterparts. Picture processing is usually the primary thing to suffer, with basic processors unable to actually deal with the stress of high-resolution television. TCL’s televisions tend to travel quite heavy on picture processing, which some would say provides a dynamic picture, but can cause off-color pictures and middling contrast.


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