The Galaxy S10 may be a fitting 10th-anniversary phone for Samsung and its storied S series. It delivers on change with a novel-looking Infinity-O screen so large it displaces the front camera, and a triple-lens rear camera that takes ultra-wide photos, Samsung Galaxy S10 Review for more details about the phone. Its in-screen fingerprint sensor tech should serve you well, while its Wireless PowerShare could serve your friends well. That’s tons of change – just know that it comes at a high price and therefore the Galaxy S10e and S10 Plus flank it from each side of the coin as better options.

Short Review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is engineered and designed to be a conversation-changer, a phone that’s crafted to show everyone’s yearly question of “Do I got to upgrade?” into a more exclamatory “I need to upgrade!”

The S10 remains a strong and attractive phone even after its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S20, launched with 5G capability, improved cameras, and faster speeds than ever. If you do not need the latest and greatest, the year-old flagship remains a top-tier device with specs and cameras which will still be competitive against 2020’s better phones. Now that the Galaxy Note 20 has launched, it’s clear the Galaxy S10 is way from the most recent phone from the brand, but it remains a powerhouse.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date and Price

The Samsung Galaxy S10 release date was Friday, March 8 and it had been announced on February 20, with pre-orders opening directly in some countries. In the US, Galaxy S10 pre-orders started on February 21. Now that its successor has launched, the S10’s price has been discounted.

There’s a hitch or two in Samsung’s masterplan to urge everyone to upgrade to the present particular handset. The Samsung S10 launch price was expensive, more so than the Galaxy S9, although it’s a markedly better value than the iPhone XS, which was costlier and features a smaller 5.8-inch screen.


Samsung’s screens are so good “our competitors are even using them”, Samsung brand manager Paul Guzek told TechRadar, an all-too-obvious dig at Apple. It’s hard to disagree.

The Samsung S10’s 6.1-inch 19:9 Super AMOLED display board looks better than anything Samsung sells its rivals, and it has been crowned the foremost color-accurate smartphone display ever.

It has elegantly curved edges with pixels that spill over the edges, amped-up brightness for better outdoor visibility, and HDR10+ support for superior contrast and color.

And the incontrovertible fact that rock bottom bezel is larger than the highest one catches our eye – it’s going to be more distracting than the punch-hole.

There’s little to dislike regarding the new display – if the Infinity-O doesn’t distract day-to-day, and as mentioned we’ll update this review once we have more hands-on time with the S10.


You’re not getting to be overly surprised by the remainder of the Samsung Galaxy S10 design, though there are a couple of notable enhancements, two hidden surprises, and an old classic here.

Its thinner aluminum frame is sandwiched between smooth glass, with the rear coming in your choice of color: Flamingo Pink, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White, canary, and Prism Green. Samsung Galaxy S10 colors will vary by region, with the US getting about yellow and green.


Samsung wants you to require photos at any angle, therefore the Galaxy S10 features a triple-lens camera on the back with a 12MP regular lens, 12MP optically zoomed zoom lens and a fresh 16MP ultra-wide lens.

We’ve taken a tough check out the Galaxy S10 camera and the way its photos compare to those of the class-leading Pixel 3, then determined how good the ultra-wide photos look. Our conclusion? Samsung’s camera comes close, but Google’s post-processing software still engineers a far better photo.

Specs and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S10 gets proper under-the-hood upgrades, touting the new top-of-the-line Snapdragon or Exynos chipsets, counting on which country you reside in.

It’s plenty fast. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset we benchmarked came back with a record-breaking multi-score speed… for Android. The iPhone XS remains a touch faster, but Samsung is extremely close at 11,002 to Apple’s 11,481. this is often the primary time we will say this. The gap is typically tons wider.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S10 packs during a 3,400mAh battery, an upgrade over the three,000mAh capacity of the Galaxy S9.

However, due to the rise in screen size, Samsung remains quoting an equivalent “all-day” battery life for the S10 because it did for its predecessor, and that we found this to be true.

We regularly need to the top of the day with around 20% left within the tank, with our usage including a few hours of Spotify streaming, another two hours of video, a variety of social messaging, an hour or two of gaming, and a smattering of emails, web browsing and camera use throughout the day.


The Galaxy S10 may be a deserved 10th-anniversary phone for Samsung and its storied S series. Its new display type lays out more pixels across less body, the phone features a triple-lens camera so you’ll now take ultra-wide photos, and inside you will find a much bigger battery surrounded by beefier specs.

You’ll like all of those powerful features, while your friends will just like the new Wireless PowerShare perk – it helps them out quite you. The S10 marks an anniversary, but it also marks something a touch different among smartphones. It disrupts the sameness of smartphones only enough to become a tempting upgrade.


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