The TU8000 may be a good value TV that gives an honest performance for the cash but can’t shake a number of the restrictions of its humbler spec list, read more in Samsung 85 Inch TV Review. Brightness and color saturation takes a knock compared with Samsung’s pricier QLEDs, but its detailed picture, fantastic smart TV system, and powerful upscaling performance still offer plenty to love, continue reading Samsung 85 Inch TV Review.

Short Review

For the past few years, Samsung’s 8 Series has been an excellent go-to option for TV buyers eager to balance performance and price in a way that when seemed unfathomable.

The TU8000 doesn’t quite represent the highest of that range, but is simply one step down, sharing many of the TU8500’s boasts, but with a good more attractive tag.

It uses Samsung’s Crystal LCD UHD panel technology and promises simple use, a minimalistic design, choice of built-in voice assistant, and a best-in-class smart TV system. There also are an entire host of screen sizes to settle on from, so you’ll make it work for your space.

Despite its frame being largely made from plastic, the TU8000 may be a well-built TV. It’s just a shame Samsung decided to use a difficult-to-accommodate wide-foot stand on this model and also scrimped on the HDMI inputs — especially when one among those becomes unusable if you opt to wall mount it.

Price and Availability

The Samsung TU8000 is out there within the UK, US, and Australia, with the sole difference being the 85-inch variant available within the US – rather than 82-inch within the UK and Australia. aside from that, the road up is that the same across all territories, including 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models.

We reviewed the 55-inch version of the TU8000 (£599/$500/AU$1,299), but otherwise, you’ll be paying £429/$350/AU$949 for the 43-inch, £499/$400/AU$1,049 for the 50-inch, £899/$700/AU$1,599 for the 65-inch, £1,299/$1,200/AU$2,499 for the 75-inch and £1,999/$1,800/AU$3,699 for the 82-inch/85-inch.


At this price, it’s probably unsurprising that the TU8000’s design is formed up primarily of black plastic, across its back panel, bezels, and stand. It still manages to feel well-built despite this, with some reassuring heft when getting it out of the box, and minimal bezels ensuring the set still looks stylish, plastic, and everyone.

Why Samsung has decided to bestow wide feet on this model though — or any TV for that matter — is anyone’s guess. A central stand, as is found on the TU8500 model above this, is a lot easier to accommodate when it involves placing larger TVs onto furniture. As it is, the UE55TU8000 would require a TV stand of a minimum of 103cm, so do confirm your current setup can accommodate it first.

Smart Television

While you’ll get the television receiver up just using the remote if you favor, Samsung prompts you to try to download the Samsung SmartThings app to do it digitally instead. It works rather well, even automatically adding the wi-fi details it digs out from your device so you don’t need to fiddle with on-screen keyboards, which is usually welcome.


Samsung’s 8 Series has always been an excellent middle ground for those wanting an honest TV without spending the cash on the QLED range. That’s absolutely what you get with the TU8000, and while there are some areas, we’d wish to see improvements in, there’s no denying the worth of a 55-inch TV at £600/$500/AU$1,299.


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