The Logitech G933 delivers phenomenal sound, a strong set of additional features, and a variety of the way to attach to your favorite devices. We will explain all basic features in Logitech G933 Review so continue reading till the last sentence.

  • Flawless wireless performance
  • Great sound
  • Wonderfully comfortable
  • Works on PCs, mobiles, and consoles
  • Great sound
  • Excellent price
  • Flawless wireless performance
  • The boom mic is invisible when stored
  • Programmable colored lighting
  • Works on PC, mobiles, and consoles
  • N/A

Logitech G933 Review – Design

For most of this review, you’ll (and should) consult the Tom’s Guide review of the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum — with a couple of minor exceptions, the G933 is strictly the same product. Like its wired counterpart, the G933 possesses large, plush ear cups that swivel, also as a padded headband. It’s a large device that takes a little doing to sit properly on the noggin, but once it’s there, it’s there until you take it off.


Like the G633, the G933 has over-the-ear cups with soft fabric and a lot of giving. The device is equally as comfortable as its wired counterpart but has the additional advantage of not needing a wire. Aside from that, it does not seem noticeably heavier than the G633, so you’ll still wear it for hours at a time without issue.


Gaming Performance

I tried the G933 with Quake Live, StarCraft II: Whispers of Oblivion, and Star Trek Online to check its FPS, MOBA (strategy), and Cinematic Gaming settings, respectively. Each time, I found that the headset highlighted something special about the genre.


The biggest feature of the G933 is its ability to attach wirelessly to a computer. This functionality delivers a sound that is just as good as its wired mode, and boasts a considerable range, to boot. I wandered about 30 feet far away from my desk, past a wall and thru an excellent deal of wireless traffic before the signal even weakened, and a couple of more feet before it gave out. If you have got a front room PC setup, the G933 is quite up to the task of providing sound for it.

Music Performance

Music sounds great on the G933, whether you are listening wirelessly, via USB, or through an audio cable. I listened to Bach’s Violin Concerto in E Major as well as selections of music from Old Blind Dogs and the Rolling Stones, and each tune sounded crisp and balanced.


The Logitech G933 takes an exceptional headset in the G633 and makes it wireless; it’s exactly the same in every other respect. An additional $50 may be a reasonable amount to invite flawless wireless capabilities on a headset that is already extremely comfortable and provides phenomenal sound. Overall, the G933 is one of the absolute best wireless models on the market today.


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