Logitech G604 Review


Pick up the Logitech G604 if you would like a wireless MMO mouse and have $100 to spend. you will get cheaper models if you do not need plenty of thumb buttons, though. Further features are explained in the Logitech G604 Review.

  • Lots of thumb buttons
  • Comfortable design
  • Wireless USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • N/A

Logitech G604 Review

The Logitech G604 ($100) brings back tons of memories on behalf of me. Back on March 3, 2014, my Logitech G600 review went survive Tom’s Guide, marking the very first time I ever reviewed a gaming mouse. and searching back, it is incredible to ascertain how far the industry has are available for five years.

From a wired model chock-full of more buttons than the typical gamer could use, we now have a wireless peripheral with a textured palm rest, two sorts of connectivity, and a month of uptime from one AA battery. (We also had the Logitech G602 within the interim, to which the G604 bears quite a passing resemblance.) Gaming mice have come an extended way and comparing the G604 to the G600 presents an excellent distillation of how and why.


The basic design of the G604 has not changed that much since the G602. It is still an ergonomic right-handed mouse, with a protruding thumb rest and 6 small thumb buttons. Now, however, you get an all-black chassis with textured rests for your palm and thumb. Two buttons next to the left-click adjust dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity up and down, and therefore the scroll wheel clicks in three directions. There also are two buttons within the center that adjust scroll wheel tension and wireless connectivity.


One major difference between the G602 and therefore the G604 is that the latter can connect via both USB dongle and Bluetooth. What is more: you will switch between the 2 with one button press. this suggests that you simply can connect the G604 to your gaming rig via USB, then instantaneously switch to a Bluetooth connection for a laptop or mobile device.

Furthermore, the G604’s battery life is far longer via Bluetooth, so you’ll even switch back-and-forth between the 2 for productivity and gaming if you actually want to maximize your charge.


The G604 plays well across the board. Surprisingly, the six small thumb buttons won me over, albeit I expected that I would find them too hard to differentiate from each other. I tested the peripheral with Overwatch, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, Greed Fall, and Final Fantasy XIV paying special attention to the last title since it requires the foremost extra buttons.

The mouse also works fine for other skills. within the Age of Mythology, a real-time strategy game, it is easy enough to assign common buildings and control groups to the thumb buttons while you will do an equivalent with special skills in Overwatch and Greed Fall. The corollary here is that you simply do not actually need all the additional buttons for many genres. (If you would like a more streamlined wireless Logitech mouse, there is always the G703.)


Gaming mice have come an extended way since 2014, then has the G600 line. The G604 is a beautiful midpoint between a sleek design and a sheer number of buttons. it is a little expensive (the G602 was $80 when it debuted, and now you will catch on quite cheaply), and using disposable batteries doesn’t feel quite right for what’s otherwise such a premium mouse. But the G604 sets bent give MMO players a tool that will not allow them to down and delivers fully on its premise.


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