The two versions of the Apple Watch 3 impress – but the cheaper, non-4G version of the wearable delivers good value for money and top fitness capabilities from the wrist.

Short Review

The Apple Watch 3 (or Apple Watch Series 3 if you’re being particular) has been superseded several times over, last by the Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch SE – the latter of which might be a true rival for it, since they’re both budget models.

But the Watch 3 remains on sale – which is quite what we will say for the Apple Watch 4 or maybe the Apple Watch 5 – and it’s been discounted heavily now too.

The Watch 3 is out there in two forms – one with cellular connectivity and one with just GPS. because the replacement for the Apple Watch 2, this device was the flag-bearer for fitness and longevity, with run and cycle tracking onboard and a water-resistant casing for swimming, plus an equivalent pulse monitor on the underside.

And while newer models pack in extra features and faster chipsets, Apple has kept supporting the Apple Watch 3 with software updates, last watchOS 7, which adds sleep tracking, new workouts, and an entire lot more.

Apple Watch 3 Price And Release Date

• Launched September 22, 2017, still on sale from Apple

• Price starts at £199 / $199 / AU$319

• LTE version starts at £299 / $299 / AU$469

At launch in late 2017, the Apple Watch 3 was the foremost expensive wearable the corporate sold but now the worth has shrunk since the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch 5. It’s still not an inherently cheap smartwatch, but it is a lot cheaper now.

Design and screen

The design of the Apple Watch has become pretty iconic, within the way that folks just know you’re wearing the iTimepiece. once you see a footballer wearing a Fitbit you will have to ascertain to see which model it’s, but with the Apple Watch, it’s instant recognition.

Unlike the iPhone, we do not see the necessity to upgrade the planning that much with a watch, and Apple’s done pretty much to stay the chassis almost identical as long as it’s now packing during a new chipset and cellular connectivity within the two sizes of the device (38mm and 42mm).

Running with the Apple Watch 3

With the addition of GPS (in the Apple Watch 2) and Apple Music streaming on the new Watch, you’ll make a superb case for the Apple Watch 3 is one among the simplest running watches on the market.

The inbuilt Workouts app has been upgraded time and again and is now way more usable thanks to tracking your runs.

While it’s still essentially just an equivalent set of numbers on your wrist when running, it’s now much easier to urge into a run with one tap or found out a target – be that distance, time, or calorie burn.

When on the run we found the guts rate monitor to be more accurate than before, sometimes even outstripping the chest strap in terms of monitoring our beats per minute correctly.

Swim tracking

The Apple Watch 3 follows within the footsteps of the two by allowing you to urge the thing wet and dunk it within the water to trace your swims.

It’s 5ATM resistant, so you will be ready to thrash around within the pool with it – and it is a decent device to try too so with.

However, if you are a keen swimmer, the essential swimming workout Watch app probably isn’t for you. As far as we could tell in our disgustingly splashy attempts, there’s little or no which will be done here beyond just tracking what percentage lengths you’ve completed within the pool while stroking around.

Battery Life

If you are going for a run together with your phone strapped to your arm, battery life is equally nearly as good, with only a 4% drop in an hour’s running. Using the GPS from the iPhone 8 Plus showed that the Watch 3 can just become a dumb screen and still show you your workout stats, without much of a loss inaccuracy.

It was impressive running on its own steam, too. For our next test, we connected the Watch 3 to an LTE network and went for a 75-minute run. During that point, we received tweets and conducted a brief call of a few minutes, and Watch 3 dropped from 100% to 77%, which again may be a great result for a multi-faceted device.


It’s a smart move from Apple to get rid of the Watch 2 from the sale, as otherwise, we’d have a really hard time recommending this upgrade.

The newer Apple Watch 4 has since arrived in fact, but if you would like something slightly cheaper, choose the Apple Watch 3 – but only get LTE if you would like to go away from your phone reception when understanding but feel the necessity to remain connected.



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